Mattias Jacobsson is Assistant Professor at the department of Media Technology at Södertörn University. Mattias is doing research within the field of HCI and interaction design around topics related to change by means of design – e.g., social aspects, health, lifestyle, and care for the environment. Today he researches societal phenomena in combination with technologies at the intersection where people organize themselves to get involved in and protect human values along activistic attitudes.

Karin Hansson is a professor of media technology at Södertörn University. Dr. Hansson has written extensively about technology-based participation from a design and democracy perspective. She is currently project leader of the research project #MeToo Activism in Sweden (funded by the Swedish Research Council, no 2018-01824).

Hayley Ho is a researcher and senior designer at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden. She researches and develops processes, methods and approaches to address issues around inclusive and democratic participation and for co-creation between stakeholders such as citizens, municipalities and industry.

Sofia Lundmark is an associate professor of media technology at Södertörn University. Her research focuses on design pedagogy, digital dilemmas and digitalisation in education and the public sector, critical perspectives and norms in design, as well as transformative processes in participatory design and co-design projects.  

Maria Normark is an associate professor in HCI at Uppsala University, Sweden. Her research is focused on critical design, sustainability, and norm-critical perspectives in HCI and CSCW. Her work has been focused on sustainable activism through urban farming communities, discourses in femtech, and critical perspectives in personal informatics.

Jacob Tholander is an associate professor of Computer and Systems Sciences at Stockholm University. He has been involved in research in a number of different areas ranging from programming tools for children, to tangible and embodied interaction, to interactive sports technologies, particularly ethnographic and design-oriented studies of users.